About Us
QWIPO is a Tech-based B2B marketplace for groceries and FMCG products. We use the latest innovations in technology and are resolving problems that have long plagued the traditional Indian retail supply chain. As a result, the company has seen increasing confidence amongst retailers across Telangana and Andhra Pradesh and is turning into a bustling marketplace with Prime Wholesale Vendors in the region.

The retail industry is one of the sectors which contributes majorly to the economy of this sub-continent and the need for innovation, digital transformation, and strengthening of the retail sector becomes more pertinent. Retail giants have been quickly adapting to the prevalent conditions and staying relevant with changes. There is a pressing need to digitally empower Prime suppliers, Wholesalers, Small Retailers, & Kirana stores to conduct commerce, keepin...

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How Does It Work?
We Are A Single platform that connects Producers, Prime vendors and Business Retailers.
A One- Stop-Shop for Quality Business Supplies

We meet the highest standards of quality for your Business essentials through certified Prime suppliers and trusted vendors.


Our zeal to deliver essentials quickly & safely is unparalleled. The backend planning ensures and shortens the delivery time window to as short as 12 Hrs for customers.


Each Seller on our platform is provided with an individual account and a designated Relationship Manager who will make sure that the seller has a hassle-free experience throughout.

Digital Transactions

Quick and secure transactions with multiple third-party payment gateways.


We hold the funds until both parties have fulfilled their contractual requirements. Thus, the end users can stay rest assured of their payments.

Optimum Market Price

We skew the middlemen and partner with prime vendors who source from prime suppliers which helps us transfer the benefitting price to our customers.                                                                                              

Efficient Logistics

Tech-driven logistics supply chain help with most optimal routes from a Self Managed Warehouses to the end customer’s doorstep, reducing the carbon footprint.

24x7 Live Chat Customer Service

Round the clock customer service minimizes interruption to the Prime suppliers and customers.

Returns management

Reimburse your money instantly through our standard return policy.

Retail and wholesale market coverage of Qwipo: 80%
90 prime geographical areas in and around surrounded Areas Hyderabad. Expanding rapidly to more areas and other cities.

12 lakh+ kgs

Supplied Monthly Consumer Essentialls
Over 10000 +
Active business clients.
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