What are the growth strategies for FMCG?
FMCGs are Fast Moving Consumer Goods. These are the daily-use consumables that are sold quickly and must be replenished regularly....
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How to Get into the FMCG and Retail Sales Industry?
FMCG, often known as Consumer Packaged Products (CPG), is intensely competitive and moves quickly within the retail industry. It i...
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Maximizing Revenue By Filling Empty Miles with B2B Grocery Suppliers
The opportunity costs of robbing retailers of gasoline, time, money, and underused miles are immense. Finding a practical strategy...
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Transforming FMCG Retail With B2B E-commerce Platform
“A brand is no longer what we tell the consumers it is; it is what the consumers tell each other it is." India is one of th...
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B2B grocery: How suppliers evolve their E-Commerce infrastructure
  Grocery e-commerce is booming!. Because buying wholesale groceries online has become an ingrained habit of many customers...
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Revolutionize Your Grocery Business with These Easy-peasy Tips on the Marketplace
Grocery retailing is undergoing tremendous change. Many Kirana Stores, grocery store owners, and vendors are redefining their prod...
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What Do Your Customers Really Think About Your Marketplace For Grocery Retailers?
Marketplaces are an ideal option for prime vendors and business retailers of groceries. Customers will be attracted to any marketp...
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The Ultimate Guide To Marketplace For Grocery Retailers
Pandemic has accelerated the need for marketplaces for grocery retailers. The marketplace's popularity is rapidly increasing,...
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Marketplace For Grocery Retailers Is Crucial. Learn Why!
There is nothing more convenient than running your grocery store via marketplaces. Present your products in the best light of mark...
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5 Things to Look for in a Grocery E-commerce Solution in 2022
Revolution is never far behind with the advent of innovation.Grocery suppliers for restaurants, hotels, Kirana stores, etc. have b...
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How technology plays an important role in the grocery retail industry?
Recent technological advancements assist grocery retailers and wholesale grocery suppliers in streamlining store visits, increasin...
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How does Qwipo Streamline the Last-mile Logistics process for grocery businesses?
“Last-mile logistics is a cornerstone of effective supply chain management!” Owing to the ongoing pandemic, end-to-end...
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4 Best Practices for Outstanding Grocery Digital Transformation
We live in a hyper-connected digital world! Consumers are adopting new technologies at a greater pace. During the initial days of ...
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Points to consider when choosing Wholesale Grocery Suppliers India
The customer should be satisfied! It should be the main motto to succeed in the grocery business (Of course!. It is for any b...
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How Technology Helps Grocery Stores to Stay Competitive?
‘‘If you are ON TIME in all your services, your business will be for ALL TIME!.’’ When can a business pro...
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Best Practices by Qwipo for Managing Grocery Supply Chains!
Online grocery shopping – a new frontier in E-commerce!Recently, online grocery has experienced huge growth. To succeed in t...
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Why buy groceries from B2B wholesale suppliers
Want to grow your customer base in the wholesale grocery business? Then change the way you buy and sell groceries. Customers expec...
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Qwipo - India's Fastest Growing Application for Business Retailers
In this digital arena, everything runs on smartphones. Mobile apps are on the steep rise because of their accessibility and ease o...
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How do you find the best Grocery suppliers for your Store?
Every grocery store requires effective management of stock, inventory, logistics, and workers. A successful business relies on the...
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How does Qwipo B2B Help Kirana Store Owners?
Though Kirana stores are small-scale businesses, these are the lifeline of many people. They visit these wholesale markets for the...
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How does a Qwipo B2B Grocery platform work
Qwipo is the most trusted B2B grocery and FMCG platform in Telangana. Qwipo’s platform operates in accordance with industry ...
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Safety Care for business essentials during Covid - 19 Outbreak
We are living in unprecedented times whose repercussions are affecting the quality of life and quality of food.The entire globe is...
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How Qwipo Delivers Your Business Essentials at Your Doorstep
Given the ongoing unprecedented situations most of the merchants, hoteliers, etc., are contemplating their suppliers’ credib...
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QWIPO's Marketplace - connecting business retailers with prime vendors
With the booming modern business world, every industry is expanding its businesses on e-commerce platforms. But in India, there ar...
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How Technology and Innovation are helping modern-day shopkeepers?
People, in general, have always been caught up in the variety of changes in this world and with different speeds in the adoption o...
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Top 9 Key Benefits of Wholesale Grocery Suppliers
Wholesale suppliers improve the efficiency of food distribution across the world. Catering to all the needs of customers is compli...
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QWIPO- the scaffold between manufacturers and retailers
India has 15% of the total organized retailer market and the remaining 85% of the market runs in the segment of small Kirana store...
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2020 Farm Bills: How Do They Empower Indian Farmers?
The farm bills announced by the Loksabha have become a hot topic recently. Though there are some protests running against these bi...
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A simplified supply chain for conducting effective business
India is the largest producer of various fresh vegetables, fruits, and meat; groceries and spices; and fibrous crops. The produce ...
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