Revolutionize Your Grocery Business with These Easy-peasy Tips on the Marketplace

Grocery retailing is undergoing tremendous change. Many Kirana Stores, grocery store owners, and vendors are redefining their product strategy and modernizing their platform architecture with the help of marketplaces. Thus, online grocery marketplaces are empowering small businesses like never before with

  • Great visibility and exposure to all types of groceries
  • Outstanding insights that help you know the right prospects to consider for maximizing profits.

The marketplace is a sure-shot way to revolutionize your grocery business and a great avenue to earn both reputation and money. You just need to work smartly with these easy-peasy tips regarding the marketplaces.

Let’s get started!

  1. Select the right marketplace for your grocery store!

The qualities you look for in the marketplace include reliable services, experience, expertise, adequate professionals and staff for order and logistics management, trust-worthy vendors, sufficient technical resources, chat support, etc.

Choose the marketplace like Qwipo that provides the above. It has significant experience and expertise in the grocery business. As it is a multi-vendor platform, you can compare and buy items with the best deals. Thus, it connects your grocery stores with the apt vendors.

  1. Choose the open marketplaces!

It is advised to choose the marketplace that takes no commission. Qwipo, being the best grocery supplier, provides an open platform for grocery business and takes no commissions on sales. Instead, its brand improves the credibility of your Kirana Store and grocery retail business.

  1. Select the marketplace that has a hassle-free checkout process!

Make sure the marketplace you choose has a simple and seamless checkout process with fewer ordering steps. It saves your precious time. Otherwise, you will be stuck ordering and you will lose your customers as you didn't bring sufficient stock of groceries to sell.

  1. Choose the marketplace that provides multiple payment options!

Choose the marketplace that provides various payment options apart from COD such as Credit card, debit card, BHIM, Phone Pay, G-pay, Pay TM, and other third-party payment gateways.

  1. Select the marketplace that provides logistics services!

It will be a time and money saver if the marketplace provides logistic services as well. After you made an order, they only will deliver your groceries to your Kirana Store. You don't require to hire vehicles to bring your order. Some marketplaces like Qwipo offers free delivery as well along with providing logistics.

  1. Check whether the marketplace provides any offers and digitized coupons!

Check whether the marketplace you choose offers loyalty programs, attractive subscriptions, free coupons, surprise rewards, discounts, festival offers, etc. As you will be procuring groceries every day, it will be beneficial for your Kirana store to save money on groceries and reap profits.

  1. See the reviews and ratings before you select the marketplace!

Checking for reviews and ratings is extremely important than regretting later. They speak about how poor or exceptional their services are. Ensure the marketplace you choose must have good reviews and client testimonials. If they have satisfied customers, you will also be one of them.

Forget not to verify whether those testimonials can sync with the word of mouth.

  1. Choose the marketplace that helps you manage inventory efficiently!

To maintain a proper balance between the customer demand and the right amount of stocks, it is essential to have complete control over your stocks and inventory and manage them effectively by associating with the right marketplace.


How does Qwipo help you?

Qwipo's marketplace is well-structured with intuitive UI/UX. It has lots of productive features and the team at Qwipo vouches for supplying quality groceries at the right market price. In this marketplace,

  • You do not require resources to manage orders, inventory, payments, and shipping. Qwipo provides everything for you from setting up a storefront to shipping.


    • It allows you to showcase as many items as you wish. It has unlimited space for a wide variety of grocery items for each vendor and business retailer.
    • Businesses can promote their USPs.
    • It has its own logistics to deliver your orders to its destination.
    • It offers same-day and free delivery.
    • Each vendor will have a dedicated account manager who looks after their account, queries, and support.


  • Prime suppliers or prime producers can minimize the costs of acquiring new customers and making their selling process streamlined and seamless.
  • Prime vendors and business retailers can handle any number of orders without hassles.
  • For prime vendors, it is a platform that allows them to join larger markets with greater visibility.
  • Business retailers can get everything they need, including vendor reviews, promotions, and price transparency.
  • It has a team of professionals who have profound knowledge of current and future market trends.
  • Moreover, grocery businesses can partner with other businesses in the same niche mark et. Thus, they can extend their services and expand their business.


The future of the grocery business is destined to be bright. The marketplace is the perfect example. Availability of myriad options and outstanding user experience are what make e-marketplaces set apart. The above are a few important tips to follow to grow your grocery business. Wait not to implement these simple yet effective tips.