Safety Care for business essentials during Covid - 19 Outbreak

We are living in unprecedented times whose repercussions are affecting the quality of life and quality of food.The entire globe is under pressure to adopt precautions, which must be considered at any cost. Qwipo is committed to providing quality and on-time deliveries. We never compromise on quality, and customer satisfaction is always at our heart. We are liable for your quality deliveries, hence we work relentlessly towards it.

We trained our staff on covid safety measures, and we brought some rules in the office premises, which everyone irrespective of designation are bounded to follow

1)  Contrary to pre-pandemic, we limited the entrance of visitors, which we allowed based on the requirement.

2)  Without a mask, security will not allow anyone.

3)  The access to work areas and the duration of a visitor's visit will be limited based on the requirements.

4)  Our security will check every staff member's, and visitor’s temperature with a digital thermometer before admitting them to the premises, and they will be provided with an alcohol-based sanitizer to sanitize their hands.

5)  Employees are allowed to take sick leave if they have fever, cough, cold, headache, or other illness, and they are advised to get tested, and not return until the illness has been confirmed to be negative in the reports.

6)  Exempting the managers, supervisors, deployed team no other employee is permitted to visit other department’s work areas.

7)  Staff members should have their lunch maintaining physical distance from each other.

8)  Our employees are required to follow certain procedures while handling the products

       a) Be on the marked areas, to maintain the physical distance from person to person
       b) Wash their hands every two hours
       c) Sanitize their hands from time to time
       d) Wear mask, gloves, goggles, shower caps
       e) Follow the manager's schedule for breaks

9)  Our shift managers and supervisors are instructed to keep an eye on the team and send anyone who isn't feeling well to the hospital right away.

10)  Except for delivery staff, no member of the staff is permitted to leave the premises until the end of the working day.

11)  Delivery staff is strictly constrained to delivery locations, not to stop for other activities such as smoking, personal work, etc., and, like all other employees, they too have to clean their hands with sanitizer regularly, while keeping the physical distance

12)  Qwipo instructed its trusted farmers, prime suppliers to follow the covid safety measures, and we asked our staff who are designated to procure the stock from them, to observe their health conditions, and they can hold the stock from procuring if they believe the suppliers have any health issues.

We have vaccinated our staff in the recent vaccination drive organised at QWIPO’s premises.


In the process to deliver quality stock, we are taking every precaution, not withstanding even if it costs beyond our capacity to maintain a healthy and safe work environment. Even at these unfortunate times, Qwipo can proudly make a statement that quality is our priority, and we assure the quality of our services.