What is SaaS and how does it help you to grow your business?

Pandemic has pushed many brick-and-mortar businesses online. FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) industry is no exception to this. We see many FMCG distributors have been facing a lot of challenges while performing their day-to-day operations and managing their business. 


However, with the advent of technology such as the SaaS model, this FMCG industry is undergoing a paradigm shift in the way consumers demand the supply of their daily essentials and the distributors operate their businesses. Also, it helps to mitigate distributors’ toughest challenges. 


What is a SaaS platform and what is to FMCG distributors anyway?


  • Software as a service (SaaS) is an outstanding approach to delivering applications over the internet as a service. 
  • Distributors can access it via the internet without the need of installing and maintaining the software. 
  • Distributors can be free from hardware management and software complexity because SaaS application providers take care of them. 


Here, we at Qwipo, are promoting a Vendor SaaS App, exclusively for FMCG distributors!.

We take care of the management of your services and data security. You just take care of your core business. 


How does our SaaS platform helpful for FMCG distributors?


# It makes your daily life easier!

As a distributor of your product, you might have a lot of things to do such as selling FMCG goods to Kirana Stores/ business retailers, managing orders/returns, transactions, logistics, and keeping up with the stock and demand. On top of that, you might be doing all these things manually.  If so, it will kill your precious time, consume your budget, and increase your manual efforts. 


However, with our app, you can do all these things under a single roof and get rid of your busy life schedule. Everything will be automated. In other words, it digitizes your supply chain. Thus, it makes your life easier. 


# You can automate manual and mundane operations!

Digital solutions for the FMCG industry have become a New Normal these days. And age-old practices are no longer sufficient for this new normal. To thrive in this new environment, meet the ever-changing customers’ preferences and demands, and earn profits, FMCG distributors must aware of these latest technologies and act smart. 


# You can get the marketing insights! 

Our app facilitates distributors marketing insights, sales data, data forecast reports, etc. 


  • You can check the sales data for each product for various locations or Kirana stores through various KPIs. 


  • Based on that previous sales history, we help distributors or vendors the customized insights into their business (daily/weekly/monthly/yearly) and the future demand.  


  • We facilitate distributors with a comparative analysis of the prices of their competitors so that they can decide on the price tags for their products. It helps them to attract and engage consumers and improve sales.


# You can track your team!

Apart from business tracking, the app also lets you track your employees’ movements, efficiency, and teams’ productivity. 


# You can sell your products at the right market prices! 

Unlike other third-party service providers who rob the profits of distributors, we help distributors to get maximum profits. We suggest every way to grow your business and ROI. 


# It saves your time and money!

Finally, as all the business operations are automated through our Vendor SaaS App,  distributors can save time and money. 



We understand the pain points of the FMCG distributors and accordingly, we have provided a solution through our Vendor SaaS application. This app lets distributors streamline their business.  


So, what are you waiting for?


Use our SaaS model 

  • To reduce manual efforts and automate repetitive tasks in FMCG distribution.
  • To track your business operations under a single roof – orders, returns, transactions, stock, logistics, employees’ activities, etc. 
  • To promote your FMCG products online.
  • To forecast the future demand.