Best Practices by Qwipo for Managing Grocery Supply Chains!

Online grocery shopping – a new frontier in E-commerce!

Recently, online grocery has experienced huge growth. To succeed in this business, one must manage the supply chain effectively.

What is supply chain management?

A supply chain includes producers, collection centres/warehouses, vendors, distribution centres, logistics, inventory, and retailers. Supply chain management is defined as the management of product flow, information flow, and finances flow.

However, there are some common challenges many wholesale grocery suppliers in India are facing in supply chain management. They include

  • Running out of stock
  • Carbon footprint across the supply chain
  • Wastage at distribution level
  • Unmanaged returns or replacements
  • Hassles in transactions and payments
  • Managing the last mile

To cope up with all these, suppliers must ensure they follow effective strategies in the entire supply chain.

The better you manage the supply chain the better your business can grow.

Here are some practices of Qwipo, one of the best B2B grocery suppliers in India that manage the supply chain better.

1). Qwipo invests in Quality!

Being the best grocery supplier in India, Qwipo procures groceries directly from farms, mills, and prime suppliers. As it holds no storage option, it doesn’t use any chemicals to keep groceries in fine quality.

2). Qwipo follows Green initiatives!

The team at Qwipo arranges orders quickly without delays and its tech-driven logistics allows its team to supply groceries through the most optimal routes so that there will be a reduction in the carbon footprint on the go.

3). Qwipo leverages Automation and Digitization:

Qwipo is always at the forefront in adopting new technologies for traceability of commodities from its distribution center to client’s business doorsteps. Customers can easily track their orders and estimate the time of receiving orders.

Moreover, its seamless digital transactions allow customers to make payments without hassles. It allows multiple modes of payments and third-party gateways. Its Escrow payments method is a unique feature that makes its customers rest assured of their money. In this, the team of Qwipo holds the payments until the end customer accepts the quality of commodities received.

4). Decentralized delivery

Unlike centralized, its decentralized delivery allows its customers to make orders at any time and get them on time to their doorsteps!.

5). Omni-channel environment

For better customer satisfaction, every business must invest in the right systems and platforms i.e. client-centric rather than product-centric. Qwipo took this very seriously and aligned to the client’s preferences and their preferred pathways of purchase. Its customers will have a seamless shopping experience via phone call, in-store, online, and mobile/desktop.

6). Mobile app - Click and Collect!

Many people use the online grocery supplier app to make orders and get their daily essentials without hassles. Qwipo’s b2b grocery app lets its clients view the list of all the available groceries, compare the prices, and customize their preferences, and order a small quantity or bulk. They can make orders at any time and get the same-day delivery to their doorsteps.


  • Its team uses past data to predict future orders and manages inventory so that there will be no case of out-of-stock or commodities stuck in stocks.

  • No middlemen are entertained.

  • Its smart strategies and adoption of emerging technologies save time, money, and efforts.

  • It makes all the prices of commodities affordable – the right market price!.

  • It has a team of experts who always keeps an eye on the quality of commodities. The team makes sure all the groceries are of fine quality. In case, if the client finds any faults in groceries, Qwipo has a good return policy. It replaces the product immediately.

  • It offers free delivery to all its clients.

  • Its 24*7 live chat customer support attends to the needs and queries of customers on time.

Overall, Qwipo makes sure every client is satisfied!


All B2B suppliers in India are out there!.

Still, you are running into bottlenecks?.

Take a pause and shift your energy in which you can yield profits!.

It is recommended to associate with wholesale grocery suppliers in India who practice the best approaches in managing the complex supply chain.

So, if you are a supplier, forget not to follow the best practices as Qwipo to manage the grocery supply chain effectively.

And if you are a business client, forget not to hire this type of supplier to get your daily orders seamlessly and affordably.