4 Best Practices for Outstanding Grocery Digital Transformation

We live in a hyper-connected digital world!

Consumers are adopting new technologies at a greater pace.

During the initial days of the COVID-19 pandemic, grocery e-commerce has transformed overnight. The number of online orders received between March 12 and March 15, 2020, by full-assortment grocery merchants grew by 151.1%.

Incredible statistics of the wholesale grocery online in India, right?

What is Digital Transformation actually?

Digital transformation is replacing the manual processes with digital to provide products that are in line with customers’ expectations, improve services, and enhance customer experience/engagement.  

In other words, it is adopting digital tools and building new processes to gain insights on customers.

Purpose of Digital transformation:

Online grocery shopping has become a central element of ‘New Normal’. The purpose or importance of digital transformation include:

  • Businesses can be responsive to changing market trends and customer preferences.

  • Businesses can uncover hidden customer marketing opportunities.

  • Businesses can improve organizational decision-making.

Why wait? Reinvent your grocery business with Digital Transformation!

Okay, but what are the best practices to go for Grocery Digital Transformation?

Here are 4 best practices that are helpful for outstanding transformation digitally.

Here we go!.

#1 Be Omnipresent & Adopt Omnichannel approach

The global presence influences your business a lot. Having an online presence for a business is an added asset which can further amplify success. 

And making available multiple methods of shopping such as online, offline (physical store), and by phone (via online grocery supplier app) to your clients helps you gain different types of customers and thus you can expand your customer base. 

Make sure to deliver the same customer experience across the three channels. To ensure this,

  • For online: Build an intuitive and robust website;

  • For offline: Provide organized shelves, arrange groceries to locate required items without hassles, and provide various digital payment modes.

  • For Phone: Make the shopping process seamless on mobile applications or phones.
#2 Live up to customers’ expectations

Being wholesale grocery store suppliers, stay ahead of the curve in delivering what your customers want by knowing their preferences.

What do customers expect from your store?

Here are examples of what customers want and what you need to do.

  • Quality: Being wholesale suppliers of groceries, do quality checks regularly.

  • Timeliness: Most customers prefer same-day deliveries. Offer quick delivery without compromising on the quality.

  • Affordability: Supplying groceries at the right market price will double up customers.

  • 24*7 support: Be present and attentive to customer needs round-the-clock.

  • Availability: Availability of various types of groceries and availability of the staff will improve the brand credibility.

  • Reliability: Stick to your word. Ensure you deliver what you utter about your services,  groceries, and support. In a nutshell, be reliable and transparent in everything.

  • Responsibility: Take responsibility for the groceries in which defects are found. 
#3 Do not neglect your physical store!

Online shopping is here to stay but do not neglect your physical store. Bring more in-store footprints to your store for better conversations (face-to-face conversations will be more effective), engagement, and customer loyalty.

How can we do this?

Through BOPIS (Buying Online, Pick-up In-Store)!

It has become a new trend these days. It helps businesses in several ways.

  • They can improve sales. How?. When customers come to your store to pick up their orders, they will glance at your store. At that time, if they find a new product or the item they have missed ordering, they will buy. Thus, businessmen can improve sales and revenue.

  • Offline conversations build more loyalty than online.
#4 Improve Improve Improve 

Improving yourselves is a lifelong process. The faster you are, the better your business will be.  

  • Incorporate loyalty programs and incentives for in-store visits.

  • Revamp your in-store, website, and mobile application frequently.

  • Leverage technologies (such as AI, ML, IoT) that roll out from time to time.

  • Build and apply a solid marketing strategy. 

Ensure a full digital transformation to avoid the risk of being left behind. Make a 100% surge in online shopping. Reap the best profits in the wholesale grocery online in India.

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