QWIPO - The Best Vegetable Suppliers in Hyderabad

Riper, fresher, superior-quality vegetables are what make the best taste of food. Qwipo, being the best vegetable supplier in Hyderabad, is gaining the trust of people across the city for providing farm-fresh vegetables and fine groceries and capturing profits as well.

Origin of Qwipo:

The root of the QWIPO business sprouted when it was identified

  • Vegetable buyers lack freshness and quality of vegetables/groceries at economic pricing.
  • Farmers and prime producers are not getting the right market cost for their produce.
  • An increase in the final pricing of the commodity due to various middlemen in the food supply chain.

So, we aimed to deliver the vegetables and groceries in bulk to the buyers(businesses) economically and efficiently while maintaining supreme quality. Also, we vouch for reducing the pricing by bypassing intermediaries in the food supply chain.

To whom we deliver vegetables and groceries?

Being one of the B2B suppliers in Hyderabad, we deliver our services to

  1. HORECA (Hotels, Restaurants, Cafes) sector,
  2. Kirana stores,
  3. Wholesale retailers,
  4. Hostels,
  5. Hospitals,
  6. Small, medium & large government and private corporations.

How do we work?

Freshness, Quality, and Timely delivery of services determine the success of any business. It is applicable for our business as well.

Our journey starts at the Farming community and Foodgrain mills and ends at the doorsteps of businesses.

  • We procure various types of farm-fresh vegetables and finest groceries directly from the farms and food grain mills.
  • All the vegetables and groceries are brought to our collection center. 
  • From the collection center, all these items are moved to a distribution center where our in-house experts divide them based on the orders and their relevant delivery locations and load them into the trucks.
  • We nowhere store the vegetables instead we immediately deliver them to the destination.
  • Also, we don’t utilize and involve any type of middlemen instead we own experienced and professional vegetable and groceries delivery staff.
  • We integrate technology into the food supply chain to streamline our business seamlessly.
  • Likewise, we provide tremendous value to farmers, prime suppliers, and business clients.

Thus, all the placed orders are delivered on time to the doorsteps of the respective business clients.

Why is Qwipo the best vegetable supplier in Hyderabad?

Let me provide you with some valid reasons why and how we considered the best organic vegetable suppliers in Hyderabad.

1) Inherent Corporate Social Responsibility is what lies within us!

This is the forte of our business. We provide the best marketing cost to the farmer, the backbone of the country, and the prime suppliers of groceries, and thereby we committed to the Digital India Agriculture initiatives set by the government.

2) We supply fresh & superior-quality produce!

We supply a wide-varieties of locally-grown, farm-fresh, and supreme quality vegetables and groceries (quality pulses, rice, spices, etc.) to all.

Quality comes first when we thought of providing services. Consistent delivery of supreme quality vegetables and groceries brought us many loyal business clients.

3) We are a call away!

Our team is available round the clock. Businesses can call and place their orders at any time.

4) No intermediaries at all!

We are the only intermediary between the prime suppliers (farmers, mills, food producers) and business clients (such as HORECA, wholesalers, etc.).

Middlemen in the food supply chain occupy the whole space between the production and sale and earn more profits. They provide less cost to the farmers and prime suppliers. Thus, the farmers get low ROIs despite being the food producers. To avoid this situation and improve the profits of farmers, we alone handle everything. We provide the farmers with the best market cost.

Also, we cut the cost to the business clients by eliminating the additional charges placed by the intermediaries. This is what brings profits to both business customers and for us.

5) We offer bulk, fast, and same-day delivery!

We deliver vegetables and groceries in bulk based on the preferences, unique needs of various types of businesses, and seasonal demands. As of now, we deliver a 5+ lakhs kgs supply of monthly food produce. Being vegetable suppliers for restaurants, we deliver orders covering 20 prime locations of Hyderabad and are expanding day by day in order to provide services to more areas and cities. Our retail and wholesale market coverage is about 80% which testimonies our quality services.

6) We had a seamless supply chain!

We streamline our business supply chain seamlessly and effectively by integrating technology into it.

  • Secure and seamless transactions can be made through CODs and third-party payment gateways.
  • We had our own vehicles/trucks to transport commodities thus we avoided additional costs and saved time.
  • No middlemen, same-day delivery, instant return management, and crystal-clear communication make our supply chain even more seamless.

7) We help the environment!

We follow green initiatives while transporting the vegetables and groceries by traveling via the most optimal routes from the farms to the doorsteps of the business clients minimizing the carbon footprint on the go.

8) We manage returns instantly!

We also manage returns if the client wants to. They can reimburse money instantly without delays.

9) Hygienic practices everywhere and every time!

Food hygiene has equal paramount in supplying vegetables and groceries, especially during this COVID-19 pandemic season. We strictly adhere to hygienic practices and measures such as stringent sanitation, physical distancing, etc. to ensure the orders (vegetables and groceries) are virus-free.

10) We are equipped with a team of experts!

Our team consists of various experienced professionals

  1. who are well aware of the wholesale vegetable market.
  2. who has tie-ups and good rapport with the organic food producers, farmers, and mills?
  3. Who can do quality checks (in-store checks) before it is loaded into the trucks?
  4. who can receive and manage orders of any type?
  5. who can deliver them to any distance within the city on time and every time?
  6. who can be available for customer support to providing information, take orders, manage (reschedule/cancel) orders, manage returns, and solve issues/complaints if any.
Wrapping up:

Being the best vegetable supplier in Hyderabad, we vouch for freshness, quality, and timely delivery. Call us today to avail of the farm-fresh and quality commodities and give the best taste of food to your customers and reap profits.