QWIPO's Marketplace - connecting business retailers with prime vendors

With the booming modern business world, every industry is expanding its businesses on e-commerce platforms. But in India, there are only a few e-marketplace platforms for vegetables and grocery suppliers, which are not completely adaptable to every vendor.

With the Qwipo e-marketplace, any vendor irrespective of their age, business, education, knowledge in e-commerce can adapt to the platform seamlessly, by which they can reach out to the customers and customers can reach the vendors without moving from their place.

Qwipo has been one of the best fresh vegetable and grocery suppliers in Hyderabad. Seeing Qwipo’s brand, goodwill, and credibility in the market, many customers would visit the site hence Qwipo can provide great visibility to every vendors’ products irrespective of the location of their business.

How does QWIPO’s Marketplace work?

Qwipo platform is created to minimize the distance between the customers and quality vendors and in these unprecedented pandemic times, the platform became beneficial for both the vendors & customers.

Qwipo creates a virtual marketplace, in which any registered vendor can create a virtual shop, add their products, and sell them at their fingertips. Even the customer can also visit the virtual marketplace using the Qwipo app, and purchase desired products with a few clicks, just sitting at their shops.

1)  Qwipo Platform:  In Qwipo’s marketplace, any vendor can register their business, which will help in marketing their products to the customers who weren’t aware of the particular vendor.

2)  Vendors’ Products:  As aforementioned suppliers will have to register their business on the Qwipo platform, upon successful registration suppliers can upload their products with the price, minimum order quantity (MOQ), and other required details, which will help the customer in taking the productive decision by comparing the products with other vendors in the process of placing the order.

3)  Products’ Price:  Vendors will have the liberty to fix the price of their products.

4)  Logistics Provider:  Qwipo will pick the purchased products from the prime vendors and deliver them to the customers’ place.

5)  Escrow Payments:  Qwipo uses the Escrow payment method for its transactions. Once customers place an order and make the payment, it will be held with Qwipo till the goods are delivered to the customer. Once the customer acknowledges the quality and quantity of the products, the payment will be credited to the vendors’ account.

Advantages of Digitizing:

Some of the advantages of vendors digitizing their business with Qwipo are

a)  Visibility:  Qwipo platform will help the vendors’ products to have great visibility. The customers who are far away from vendors’ places can view their products on the platform.

b)  Reachability:  A vendor who never considered a particular area as a target seeing the distance, can also get sales from such places. A vendor may not reach the customer on his own but the Qwipo platform will help its vendors’ products to reach the customer.

c)  USP Promotion:  Vendors will have multiple kinds of products from which one or two would be their signature products, which works as USP in their sales. So using the platform vendors can promote their USP products.

d)  Transparent Payment System:  Every transaction will be online with proper bills. There will be no manipulative charges in the bill, every transaction will be transparent with no hidden charges.

e)  Optimum Market Price:  Customers can purchase the products based on their comparison of the same product with multiple vendors and thus they can purchase at optimum market price.


With Qwipo’s e-marketplace platform, vendors can explore it to their advantage like marketing their products, reaching out to distant customers, and can achieve better online sales than offline sales. Given the uncertainty amid the pandemic, this platform proves to be a versatile medium for promoting vendors’ business.