How does a Qwipo B2B Grocery platform work

Qwipo is the most trusted B2B grocery and FMCG platform in Telangana.

Qwipo’s platform operates in accordance with industry standards, with the only goal of maintaining high quality in the products and services we provide, making us the top grocery and FMCG suppliers in Telangana.

The ongoing pandemic issue afflicted the whole world, and the food supply chain isn’t exempted from it. Inevitably, the extended supply chain had to suffer from many service gaps, subsequently, many merchants, hotels, restaurants, hostels, and other businesses experienced issues with their business operations, yet in point of fact, Qwipo continued its operations as seamless as pre-pandemic, which attracted the attention of many vendors and wholesalers to switch to Qwipo for their business essentials.

Qwipo B2B Grocery Platform

Qwipo's B2B platform is supported by technology and intelligence that is deployed throughout the food supply chain. The Qwipo B2B platform connects certified prime vendors with merchants, hoteliers, and other enterprises, as well as the other way around. The activities on this platform are designed and structured by the quintessential in the industry resulting in seamless operations.

With the B2B grocery platform, our team works tirelessly to meet all of your demands and make your experience a pleasant one.

1)  Stock Procurements:

We procure the stock from prime vendors, which is why you'll find a large choice of grocery-listed items at Qwipo. We are in a much better capable position and can cater as a one-stop destination to accommodate all your needs, so you don’t have to depend on multiple suppliers for each and every product.

The prime vendors with whom we work are all certified and reputable. We have a team of devoted people who double-check their standard operating procedures to ensure quality.

2)  Qwipo Distribution Centre:

After procuring the grocery items that have been processed into final edible products, they will be sent to Qwipo's distribution center, where our skilled team will maintain and pack each product according to the standards. The technology we use in stacking will be so meticulous that it will not allow the product to get contaminated by any means.

Henceforth, from our distribution center, the stock will be delivered to our customers which include Restaurants, Hotels, CAFÉ's, Kirana's, hostels, hospitals, small, medium & large government, private corporations, etc., as per their stock indent.

3)  Quality Deliveries:

Qwipo delivers up to 26 locations in and around Hyderabad. We prepare our routing is well planned and we make sure that we reduce the carbon footprint on the go.

Qwipo is committed to on-time deliveries ensuring the quality of products.

4)  Optimum price:

As aforementioned we procure the stock from prime suppliers, and the further process will be handled by our staff without extending the supply chain. As a result, with our very own Qwipo decentralized distribution system, we deliver a wide range of multiple category products at a beneficial price.

5)  Customer Support:

We have a specialized customer service team that will be accessible to answer all of your questions in chat 24/7.


Qwipo is successfully operating as a one-stop destination that can accommodate all your business essentials like groceries, FMCG, vegetables, etc. to all types of businesses including Restaurants, Hotels, CAFÉ's, Kirana's, hostels, hospitals, small, medium & large government, and private corporations, indeed maintaining the quality of service which is our top priority, and we adhere to all industry standards.