How does Qwipo B2B Help Kirana Store Owners?

Though Kirana stores are small-scale businesses, these are the lifeline of many people. They visit these wholesale markets for their daily essentials. It is tough to handle the store's inventory and meet the needs of all while maintaining quality. According to statistics, there is only 15% of the organised retail market in India and 85% of the remaining market is of unorganized Kirana shops.

And these independent local stores face problems in each stage of groceries procurement – checking the availability of groceries, dealing with various distributors for different types of groceries, logistics management, labour acquisition, and making payments.

So, the Kirana shop owner should look for a known and trusted wholesale supplier for their groceries and other basic commodities. It also helps them to cut the logistic travel costs and avail of the groceries at a low cost.

In the current digital era, there are several options that a retailer can opt for yet choosing the competent, transparent, and trustworthy wholesale suppliers or grocery suppliers like QWIPO is what seems to be far-fetching to the Kirana Store owners.

Why Qwipo?

One good choice can make a lot of difference. Choose Qwipo to benefit from its unique features mentioned below.

a.  Procures all types of groceries directly from farms, mills, and prime suppliers.
b.  No intermediaries.
c.  Makes regular quality checks before procuring and supplying
d.  Has specialised and experienced in-house teams to cater to all your needs

Okay, but How does Qwipo b2b Help Kirana Store Owners? Let us see how we stand out from other wholesale grocery suppliers in India.

1)  Qwipo supplies quality!

As Qwipo procures groceries directly from mills and prime producers, there will be no chances of food adulteration/contamination. If you lean on Qwipo for your grocery supply needs, your customers can buy quality essentials, and, in return, your business will be trusted, and more people will be coming to purchase goods from your store. Thus, it enhances your income.

2)  Qwipo supplies groceries economically!

Many Kirana stores often face financial challenges to run their business. With Qwipo, the owners need not worry about money. They can get the groceries affordably as Qwipo lets them buy either a big or small quantity of groceries at the best market price within their budget.

3)  Qwipo supplies on time!

Delay in delivery leads to deflation in the customer retention rate. As Qwipo has specialised and experienced in-house teams for every need, they supply all the goods you have ordered on time and every time. Thus, as a Kirana store owner, you get to supply the essentials to your customer base without any hiccups in the process.

4)  Qwipo offers doorstep delivery of groceries!

Owners need not step out of their shops, travel around cities, and to the wholesalers & vendors. All the placed orders will be freely delivered to your doorstep.

5)  Qwipo is a one-stop-destination for all types of groceries!

No need to move from one supplier to other suppliers for various types of groceries and waste your time and energy!. Qwipo offers a wide variety of fine groceries and all the Stock Keeping Units (SKUs) are under a single roof.

6)  Qwipo mobile app is a time-saver!

Many of the owners lack technical knowledge. Stop wasting time on travelling for different commodities, identifying the trusted wholesalers, logistic arrangements, and payments. Instead, invest your time and effort in your core business with the help of Qwipo’s mobile app. You can place any number of orders anytime through this mobile app. Everything will be supplied to your doorstep free of cost with a single click.

7)  Qwipo allows seamless transactions!

Being the wholesale grocery store supplier, Qwipo makes transparent transactions on grocery supply through trusted digital payments and COD with invoices.

8)  Qwipo does regular quality checks!

The experienced in-house quality analysts do regular quality checks for all types of groceries and commodities before procuring them from the manufacturer or mills or farms and before supplying them to its business clients like Kirana stores. They make sure all the groceries are clean and healthy.

9)  Qwipo had a good return policy!

Qwipo does regular quality checks. Unfortunately, if the business clients didn’t find the desired quality, then, Qwipo replaces the good and delivers the desired product to its customers.


To sum up, Qwipo, being the best grocery supplier in Hyderabad, creates an environment where Kirana shop owners can compete with the organised retail markets and spread their business, and reap profits by just sitting simply at their stores. Choose Qwipo as it benefits the Kirana store owners by streamlining their small businesses and improving profits.

Why wait?. Think out of the box. Do not waste time on old brick-and-mortar methods of running businesses. Associate with top grocery suppliers for Kirana stores and concentrate on improvising sales, and leave the list of daily commodities and groceries for your Kirana stores to QWIPO.