How Technology Helps Grocery Stores to Stay Competitive?

‘‘If you are ON TIME in all your services, your business will be for ALL TIME!.’’

When can a business provide on-time services all the time?

With the integration of technologies and tools!

Our generation is very lucky as we have been given the right tools and technologies! Our lives have been made easy. And the technology has laid its footprint in all the verticals of businesses and transformed the way businesses operate.

In this article, we are going to discuss how technology helps grocery stores. We can see the impact of technology in every phase of the grocery supply chain management such as Order Management Systems (OMS), Warehouse Management Systems (WMS), Inventory Management Systems (IMS), and fleet management platforms, etc.

Need for technology integration into brick-and-mortar method of shopping:

The ultimate goal of leveraging technology in the B2B wholesale grocery supply is to provide a convenient and seamless shopping experience to customers.

To meet the growing customer demand for speed and convenience, it is mandatory to adopt new technologies. Moreover, emerging technologies like business analytics and business intelligence allow businesses to gain a competitive edge in the market.

Let’s dive deep into how technology reshapes Grocery Stores.

#1: Delivery at the Doorstep!

Nowadays, people prefer more personalized and time-saving services i.e. quick delivery. Online ordering and online procurement have become new trends and needs of the hour as well. Many wholesale grocery store suppliers accept online orders and deliver them on time.

With the help of the b2b wholesale grocery app, customers can avail of groceries in the comfort of their homes with a single click. Quick and on-time deliveries improve customer trust and loyalty. Moreover, it helps in repeat orders.

#2: Secure & Seamless Digital Payments!

All credit, debit, other third-party payment gateways, or mobile wallets such as Phone Pay, Google Pay etcetera will have quick processing time. That is why many wholesale suppliers of groceries integrate a wide range of payment methods to improve their clients’ shopping experience. Thus, the wholesale grocery store suppliers can manage finances in a better way.

#3: Elimination of middlemen!

The cost of groceries or any product will be increased because of intermediaries or middlemen. Online shops eliminate the need for middlemen who add extra costs. There will be only a single line of contact from the first mile to the last mile i.e. from supplier to customer. One such supplier who eliminates the middlemen and supplies quality groceries at your doorsteps is Qwipo, one of the best wholesale grocery store suppliers in India.

#4: Tracking consumer preferences and purchasing trends have made it easy!

B2B grocery suppliers can track their business performance and behavioral patterns of consumers with Google Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Business Intelligence, etc. It is very essential to know the customer to enhance business operations and improve ROI.

These technologies help wholesale grocery suppliers to craft a great marketing campaign using the vital component i.e. customer behavior. These tools analyze the behavioral patterns of customers and provide businesses outstanding insights regarding customers and businesses. They can also monitor and download reports using various filters (hourly/weekly/monthly/quarterly/yearly).

#5: Geofencing!

Geofencing allows retailers and B2B grocery suppliers to target the customers based on their business location. Customers will get alerts and welcome messages to their mobiles when they pass by the location.

#6: It is a competitive advantage!

These technologies provide in-depth insights into the business and let businessmen focus on what is most important. Businesses can communicate with their customers and receive feedback from them. It helps in improving the services even more. Wholesale suppliers can be able to attend to the needs of customers and they can be responsive whenever a customer asks queries.

To sum up, technology integration for the grocery business helps.

  • It lets your customers access your business 24*7*365,

  • Quick delivery, 
  • Increased repeat orders,
  • Improved client’s service with greater flexibility,
  • No paperwork,
  • Enhanced professionalism,
  • Streamlining the supply chain effectively,
  • Reduced costs and operational efforts, and
  • Improved ROI


Technology helps Grocery Stores to stay competitive and stay afloat.


As aforementioned, technology provides a holistic experience for shoppers and improves the ROI of retailers and wholesalers. So, we recommend switching to a novel wholesale grocery supplier like QWIPO to retain your business edge.