Qwipo - India's Fastest Growing Application for Business Retailers

In this digital arena, everything runs on smartphones. Mobile apps are on the steep rise because of their accessibility and ease of use. These apps revolutionized almost every industry. People are getting everything to their doorsteps through shopping online. And groceries are no exception.

Through b2b grocery apps, shopping for groceries has become more convenient, affordable, and hassle-free. Businesses, wholesale grocery retailers, Kirana store owners, etc. can get their orders in just a few clicks.

According to statistics, the rate of online grocery sales grew amid the COVID-19 pandemic than ever before.

Qwipo, being one of the best grocery suppliers in Hyderabad, vouches for delivering premium quality groceries to its business clients. It’s a one-stop destination for groceries and FMCG (Fast-moving consumer goods) for HORECA (Hotels, Restaurants, Cafes), Retail, and Enterprises.

At Qwipo, you will come across a wide-variety of groceries that are directly procured from mills and prime vendors. Moreover, every order is specially treated and sent carefully without the intervention of middlemen.

What makes Qwipo stand tall among B2B grocery suppliers?

Unlike other B2B grocery suppliers, Qwipo has inherent social responsibility that supports the Digital India Agriculture initiative and improves the profits for both the prime suppliers (Farmers, Mills, Food producers) and business clients (HORECA sector, Kirana stores, Wholesale retailers, Hostels, SMEs). They provide prime suppliers with the right market price and supply groceries to customers at an affordable price.

Have a seamless shopping experience and get fine quality groceries at the right market price through Qwipo’s tech-driven grocery supply chain management.

Let’s dive into some of its key features at a glance.

1)  Qwipo B2B grocery app is reliable, feature-rich, and scalable.

2)  At the comfort of their business’ doorsteps, grocery retailers can make orders and get same-day deliveries.

3)  Managing inventory is now a piece of cake for the retailers with the QWIPO app in their hands.

4)  Qwipo app provides a highly intuitive user experience. Businesses can have a seamless shopping experience as there will be no time delays while making orders, payments, and check out.

5)  Business clients can set notifications about their stocks beforehand to keep them reminded. Also, Qwipo keeps customers informed about the latest groceries that are added to the product list and offers and discounts if any.

6)  Shopping through the Qwipo app is more convenient as there will be no need to wait in long queues.

7)  Businesses can get personalized and exclusive offers and avail of various customer loyalty programs such as loyalty bonuses and reward points.

8)  Grocery retailers can track the status of their orders from time to time and they can be stress-free.

9)  Qwipo’s online grocery supplier app provides its clients with multiple payment gateway options such as credit or debit or COD with invoices. Escrow Payments are a unique payment option available at Qwipo that lets the customers rest assured. Customers can make orders and payments before the groceries are delivered to their doorsteps. The amount paid by the customer is held by QWIPO and the amount is transferred to the vendor only after the customer acknowledges the quality of the items received.

10)  Qwipo allows customers to get optimum market prices. They can choose the desired product after comparing it with multiple vendors who are associated with the Qwipo platform.

11)  It has a dedicated team for regular quality checks before the orders leave the four walls of Qwipo’s distribution centre. If still found any faults in the product, it provides a good return policy. Business clients can get their money back or replacement of that grocery.

12)  It has certified prime suppliers and trusted vendors whom grocery retailers can trust.

13)  Its round-the-clock customer support takes orders, provides information, and addresses issues if any.

Qwipo’s e-marketplace and mobile application are giving a competitive edge to all the existing big giants, b2b suppliers in Hyderabad in the niche market in terms of quality, fast delivery, and reliability.

Spreading its services to 26 prime locations in and around Hyderabad within a couple of years is a testimony for Qwipo app wholesale grocery services. It has gained the trust of more than 10,000 business clients and supplies more than 12 lakh kilograms of fine groceries per month.

Moreover, Qwipo’s team is thriving to establish its footprint in PAN India soon. It will be a good sign to all the Prime Vendors and Business Retailers in PAN India who are not reaping profits though they are worthy of it.

Likewise, Qwipo is becoming India’s fastest-growing app for grocery retailers.


Expand your grocery business like never before. Download the Qwipo B2B grocery app and streamline your business. Reduce overheads and logistic costs. Order for a wide range of products at the comfort of your business and maximize your returns.