Marketplace For Grocery Retailers Is Crucial. Learn Why!

There is nothing more convenient than running your grocery store via marketplaces. Present your products in the best light of marketplaces

The marketplace is a virtual goldmine with a host of benefits for wholesale grocery online in India. On the other hand, the on-demand economy has been disrupting the grocery business on a global scale.

In the grocery marketplace, it connects the business retailer with prime vendors and suppliers via an online portal. In this, there will be many vendors who sell different groceries, and buyers purchase goods from different vendors.

It is a great way for small businesses to order their business supplies from the comfort of their shops/homes and spend qualitative time on the development of their business and customer base.

Why should grocery retailers depend on Marketplaces to conduct their businesses?

These are the benefits of marketplaces for prime vendors, grocery suppliers, and grocery retailers.

1) Marketplaces are the first option for most online shoppers!

Customers' priorities and preferences are important for any grocery store to succeed. Online buyers need the best quality and a wide variety of groceries under one roof. And the marketplace is the ideal option that meets their needs offering lots of options, multiple vendors, fast delivery, and brand assurance.

Besides, as per a Salesforce and Publicis survey, 95% of online buyers have purchased their daily essentials from marketplaces and 31% of first-time e-commerce shoppers prefer to buy from online marketplaces. 

2) No barriers of locations & time!

No geographical barriers!. Your grocery business is exposed to a wide potential customer base. You can target the locations where you like to market your services.

With the advent of marketplaces, prime vendors and wholesale suppliers of groceries can make their services available anytime and from anywhere.

Display your best sellers and catalog and pitch them to your potential customers.  Because some people prefer buying from the display of products on the App rather than walking through stores due to lack of time or patience.

3) Increased sales:

As your business is exposed to a wider audience, you can have better sales than in-store sales. Potential buyers are now able to access your product catalogue and they can have the option to purchase them. 

4) Streamlined business operations:

Unlike the conventional method, business owners can streamline the workflow and management of sales, inventory, orders, delivery, payments, etc.

5) Same-day, contactless, and doorstep deliveries:

As a grocery retailer, you can deliver all your orders to your customers’ doorsteps within 12 hours. And contactless deliveries help you to maintain social distancing norms amid the pandemic.

6) Greater profit margins:

According to surveys on marketplaces, more than 55% of businesses have achieved a profit margin of a minimum of 20%.  Also, prime vendors and grocery retailers can benefit from broad reach-out and increased sales with high-profit margins. 

7) Great assistance and guidance:

Marketplaces provide marketing assistance and delivery support. Also, grocery retailers get management scenarios, customers’ data and their ever-growing needs, and connectivity from marketplaces.Finally, it saves your time, money, and resources.


Some marketplaces charge various fees and place restrictions often on promotions and marketing. So choose the right marketplace like Qwipo that gives you more freedom and opportunities to attract more customers; sell, market, and promote your grocery business. For prime vendors and suppliers, Customer lifetime value (CLTV) is a crucial factor for your financial growth.

In order to maintain a high CLTV, make sure that you have potential access to the marketplace so that your products gain attention among millions of product listings in the marketplace. Being present on multi-channel e-commerce or online grocery apps is the ideal solution for it.

To make your wholesale grocery business successful, make sure you provide Intuitive UI, easy product search, Wish list,  Shopping Cart, seamless checkout, and on-time delivery of quality groceries.If you want to create your own platform, make sure you hire experts who can build an application without any pitfalls.


The wholesale grocery online in India will never fail since it is a basic human need.  But to retain your competitive edge, marketplaces are necessary. It is an ideal option for businesses who want to enter into the e-commerce arena and new geographic market.

Associate with us to offer the best quality!. We, Qwipo, being the best B2B grocery suppliers, assure our vendors gain a flexible eCommerce platform that works for their needs and gives them control over their groceries and helps them to reap profits.