Points to consider when choosing Wholesale Grocery Suppliers India

The customer should be satisfied! It should be the main motto to succeed in the grocery business (Of course!. It is for any business). To impulse the purchase decision (of groceries) of customers from your business, you must provide reliable, quality, and affordable services.

And the selection of the grocery supplier is prominent as it decides the quality of your services.

How will you choose the right wholesale grocery store supplier?

Here are some valid points to consider before choosing the best wholesale grocery store suppliers in India for your grocery business.

9 points to consider when choosing wholesale grocery suppliers in India

#1: Experience & Expertise

Experience in this field brings industry knowledge, consumer behaviour, and expertise. They help in building innovative strategies to gain more customers and expand your business.

Check for

  • all the services they offer
  • all the types of groceries they offer, and
  • the types of business they provide their services for.

Qwipo, being one of the top B2B grocery suppliers in India, offers its services to Hotels, Restaurants, Cafes, Hospitals, Hostels, wholesale retailers, Kirana Stores, and much other government and private sectors.

#2: Reliability:

Reliability is the key consideration while choosing the right supplier. Because only reliable suppliers can deliver the right groceries at the right time without compromising on the quality. It is recommended to opt for large suppliers like Qwipo as it has sufficient resources and systems in place to ensure the right and on-time delivery.

#3: Effective communication:

Effective and transparent communication plays a vital role in daily operations. It can convey the correct information and solve problems like delays in delivery or replacements or returns that arise in the grocery supply chain without hassles.

#4: Stability:

Make sure the supplier you choose should be well established and financially stable. Remember, the wholesale Kirana suppliers whose business is unstable will not be able to help you to have a sustainable business if you rely on them.  

#5: Affordability:

Every business reaps profits only when they cut costs as much as possible. It doesn’t mean that we should compromise on the quality of wholesale groceries for retail. Opt for affordable yet quality services!

#6: Synced business values:

Make sure the supplier or suppliers you choose must have the same business ethics like social responsibility. In this fast-paced world, many businesses have been ignoring the importance of healthy business and instead are just concerned about making more money.

#7: Ask their MOQ:

In India, not all suppliers take the same type of orders. They will set some limitations to the number of orders. So, ask the wholesale grocery store suppliers for their minimum order quantity (MOQ). Based on the number of customers and orders, select the one that meets your requirement.

Grocery suppliers for hospitals like Qwipo provide both fewer and bulk orders. If you are a small business and have the confidence to grow big, then hire Qwipo. It offers you groceries of any quantity whenever you want.  

#8: Do they serve your geographic region?

Check the regions of operations of the supplier. Make sure your business location is on their list. It is advisable to choose the wholesale suppliers of groceries who are local and trustworthy.

Last but not least...

#9: Is their business digitized?

After all, we are in a digital world! If your business is not online, you will be out of sight. So, ensure the supplier you choose must have good brand credibility and enough online reputation.

It will be even better if they have an online grocery supplier app (mobile application) to avail their services. It helps you make seamless orders and payments with just a single click.


Now, building a more resilient business is in your hands!. Forget not to consider the above 9 points before hiring the best wholesale grocery store suppliers in India for your business.

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