How does Qwipo Streamline the Last-mile Logistics process for grocery businesses?

“Last-mile logistics is a cornerstone of effective supply chain management!”

Owing to the ongoing pandemic, end-to-end connectivity is the best practice to deliver what customers require or order to their location without any last-time escalation/hassle. Poor logistics management will break your business.

Many wholesale grocery store suppliers are offering doorstep services. However, it is the need of the hour to revisit the last-mile logistics strategy for streamlining business operations, minimizing costs, and maximizing ROI like never before.

How to streamline the last-mile logistics effectively?

There will be numerous ways and best practices to improve the last-mile delivery. But we are going to explain with a live example.

In this article, we are exposing how Qwipo, one of the pioneer B2B grocery suppliers in India streamlined its last-mile logistics and succeeded.

 Qwipo at a glance:

  • Procures superior-quality groceries from Prime Suppliers and Prime Vendors.
    No storage (warehouses) and no middlemen. 

  • Qwipo has qualified quality assurance professionals, owns a self-logistics system, and has trained workers in-order delivery and management.

  • Its business clients include HORECA (Hotels, Restaurants, Cafes), Kirana Stores, Hospitals, Wholesale retailers, Educational institutes, and other private & government organizations.

  • Supplies any amount of order to its business clients and offers same-day delivery.

  • Provides visibility to thousands of vendors through its Marketplace 

Oh! Undoubtedly, Qwipo has a long and complex supply chain to manage. How does it streamline its last-mile logistics then?.

Here we go! 

#1: Prioritization and Planning

Every single day is challenging as the choices or preferences of customers are unpredictable. So, all the business owners must ensure to meet the demands and requirements of customers on time and every time.

To ensure this, the team at Qwipo carefully plan and prioritize tasks of their grocery operations.

Its priorities include:

  • Procurement of quality groceries
  • Efficient order management
  • Seamless transactions
  • On-time or same-day delivery
  • Green logistics
  • Meet the customers’ expectations every time
  • Improved customer services
  • Cut costs and improve ROI
#2: Adoption of technologies that align with the grocery business

Digitization has been shaping the world like never before!. And technology has been playing a vital role in the last-mile delivery ecosystem. Qwipo is always at the forefront in adopting such technologies. It unlocks the value from its

The omnichannel delivery method to ensure by attracting various types of business clients.
Digital payment method to ensure contactless delivery and zero cash payments. Qwipo offers seamless multiple payment options for its clients.

  • Tech-driven logistics offered by Qwipo find the best optimal routes from the prime suppliers to the end customer’s doorstep and reduce the carbon footprint on the go thus ensuring efficient and green logistics. Supply chains will be more streamlined if you reduce touchpoints (proper route planning away from the traffic). It reduces the total logistics cost of business and improves the speed of deliveries. This is what Qwipo, wholesale grocery store suppliers in India practices.

  • Online grocery supplier app lets its clients order on the go while traveling or by simply sitting in their stores.

  • The M-commerce digital marketplace of Qwipo brings in an extensive range of groceries & FMCG goods and multiple vendors to one platform. With cutting-edge technology, it ensures transparency and a seamless experience for all its business users.

  • The E-commerce digital platform of Qwipo lets its business users make product listings which helps them to create their brand visibility (through the Qwipo’s platform), create product range, and expand their sales territory. These wholesale Kirana suppliers assure quick and decentralized delivery from the prime vendors to all its business retailers.
#3. 24/7 customer support

Qwipo believes customer satisfaction is a key to profitability and communication plays a vital role in managing last-mile. So, it offers continuous and round-the-clock support which helps them in winning greater customer satisfaction and customers’ loyalty towards its brand.

#4: No compromise on the quality & on-time deliveries!

Qwipo, being the reliable supplier of wholesale grocery online India, never compromises on the quality of groceries and timely delivery even in cases of bulk, sudden & unpredicted orders.

#5: Measure performance

Qwipo is always updated and aware of its performance throughout the supply chain. Qwipo’s team study and analyze the customized (daily/weekly/monthly/yearly) reports, predict the future of business, and act accordingly. Also, they monitor the on-time delivery rates and manage returns.


Last-mile delivery is what today’s customers or business clients expect from wholesale grocery store suppliers. Making it streamlined is a huge gain as clients attract towards those businesses. 

Delight your customers by associating with the wholesale suppliers of groceries who have streamlined the last-mile logistics system.

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