QWIPO- the scaffold between manufacturers and retailers

India has 15% of the total organized retailer market and the remaining 85% of the market runs in the segment of small Kirana stores. Today organized retailers have established an ecosystem to cater to the needs of customers but Kirana stores in India have their own share of problems be it dealing with distributors, procurement, product availability, logistics, labour, and payments etc.

Examining the above statistics, clearly, there is a need for a solution to solve the bigger problems for small grocery stores or Kirana stores and unfortunately, they are left in abandonment. QWIPO looked at this as an opportunity to address the pain points of these Kirana stores by converging technology with a business model thereby creating an exclusive ecosystem for Kirana stores to run their business hassle-free.

A typical Kirana store owner goes in dealing with multiple wholesalers for procurement of goods. In most of the cases they have to move from one supplier to the other based on the varieties of goods he needs to purchase. A lot of time and energy is invested in this process. Often Shop owners will have to source the goods from other markets that are not in supply and a lot of time goes in traveling, identifying the right wholesalers, working out payment modalities, etc. leaving the business to be run by a family member or worker.

If we all look through the lens, the Shop owner is spending time fixing the procurement aspect and the problems that come with it. There is very little choice for the shop owner and the element of business focus seems to be missing which can hit them hard on revenues down the line.

To keep the shop owner’s business focused and to increase top-line revenue, QWIPO has come up with a unique tech-driven business model to offer a one-stop solution where shop owners get all the SKUs under a single umbrella. The objective is to create an ecosystem for Kirana shop owners parallel to the organized retailer market and uplift them to level the playing field. With the QWIPO app, Kirana Shop owners can now place orders with a single click at any point of the day without even stepping out. We ensure that the goods are procured directly from manufactures and growers skewing the aggregators with the right market price for our customers. QWIPO does thorough quality checks while procuring and assuring clean, safe, healthy, and packaged goods with free delivery. If the goods are not as per the customer's desired quality, Qwipo takes the entire responsibility of replacing the goods and delivering the desired product to its customers. We bring transparency in payment through digital payments or COD with Invoices.

QWIPO is gearing towards creating more value to customers by managing all their procurements and providing a seamless shopping experience sitting at their store. QWIPO is glad to have touched more than 10,000 of its customers in the last two years and not to float in the competitive structure but make them really compete with the bigger giants in the retail market.