5 Things to Look for in a Grocery E-commerce Solution in 2022

Revolution is never far behind with the advent of innovation.Grocery suppliers for restaurants, hotels, Kirana stores, etc. have been discovering new avenues to improve customer services and earn revenue.

With the new year upon us, it is time to revamp everything. Let us bring a fresh industry outlook-2022 by adopting an e-commerce grocery solution!.

As per statistics, it is estimated that 95% of purchases will be made online by 2040. Business retailers and wholesale grocery suppliers must go beyond the limits of just supplying groceries through their websites and in-store apps. E-commerce solutions will improve the speed of reaping profits for your wholesale grocery online in India in less time.

The purpose of this article is to help entrepreneurs or wholesale suppliers of groceries who integrate their grocery business into e-commerce gain a profound understanding of what they should look for in an e-commerce grocery platform and how it helps.

Its (e-commerce grocery mobile application) benefits include

  • Increased loyalty
  • A better understanding of customer segments
  • Advanced search optimization
  • Improved conversions and sales
  • Brand visibility and broad reach
  • Tie-ups with multiple vendors

Let us look into the five things to look for in a grocery e-commerce solution in 2022.

#1. Everything should be under your control!

All the business operations from branding to reaping profits, all wholesale Kirana suppliers and b2b grocery suppliers want to be in your control. With the right e-commerce solution,

  • You will be in control of how your groceries are presented
  • You will be in control of your branding
  • You will be in control of your inventory
  • You will be in control of your customers’ shopping experiences
  • You will have a myriad of opportunities to sell groceries, provide incentives, and advertise under one roof.

So, make sure the e-commerce grocery solution you choose makes the above possible. 

#2. Make sure your customers’ experiences are under your control!

There are numerous e-commerce software alternatives on the market. Each offers varying degrees of control over your customers' buying experiences. Some solutions let you include ads, incentivize your customers with offers/discounts that convert the visitors into customers. Some software solutions are tailor-made that may fail to provide personalized options.

If you want to customize what your customers view and access in your application, then look for a customized online grocery supplier app. Of course, you will come across with more responsibility to manage and maintain it. At last, you will have the headship on your customers’ experience.

#3. Mobile grocery e-Commerce is a ‘New Normal’ these days!

We already know how mobile apps have changed the way of conducting business. E-grocery mobile apps offer convenience and tremendous value to online shoppers. Moreover, these can live track the orders. With the help of these apps, business retailers can order their business essentials out of a wide variety of products from anywhere and any time and get them delivered to their doorsteps. All this can be done via a single interface.

So, the mobile solution you look for should be seamless and provide a good user experience such as easy checkout, advanced and customized search, multiple payment options, etc.  It helps in increasing your conversions and sales thus revenue for your grocery store.

#4. Your software should be scalable!

No business wants to remain the same. They want growth in terms of size, number of products or groceries, and locations. The software you choose must be in sync with the ever-growing changes and needs of your business. Customized solutions are the solution for it. They will be tailored to your business’s unique and specific needs and goals.

Besides, they will be in sync with your new business processes and needs. The benefits of these solutions will help you to stand tall with brand identity, provide seamless UX, exclude unnecessary features and expenses, boost conversion rate and reduce bounce rate.

#5. Get top-notch software within the stipulated budget  

Setting up an online grocery is budget-dependent. If you want to start your b2b wholesale grocery business with low investment but want to have more features and integrations, ask the e-commerce app developer you hire to build a mobile app with a rich feature set yet affordable.

If you go for a standard mobile app, it may have features that are unnecessary or irrelevant to your business goals. So, a customized app with intuitive UI, robust security, and great customer support is the best option.

Some features and integrations are expensive but you should not compromise on the quality. Do not worry as it is possible to build an inexpensive user-friendly e-commerce grocery app.


E-commerce grocery apps create a roadmap to transform your grocery business model into an efficient and agile method.  So, for retailers and wholesale grocery store suppliers who are looking to develop a loyal clientele and improve their revenue,  an e-commerce grocery solution is the best investment.

Wait not!. Imprint the lasting impression for your brand with grocery e-commerce and expand your wholesale grocery online in India.