The Ultimate Guide To Marketplace For Grocery Retailers

Pandemic has accelerated the need for marketplaces for grocery retailers. The marketplace's popularity is rapidly increasing, and it has attracted more customers than ever before. We're in the midst of another transformation, with traditional grocery shops adopting the marketplace model in response to the demand for convenient online shopping experiences and ample options provided by the marketplace.

Grocery buyers were already leaning toward online purchasing before the COVID-19 pandemic because of the convenience it provides. Expectations for swift deliveries, intuitive experiences, and smooth checkout, combined with customers' need for one-stop shopping, searching for the greatest deals, and more personalized purchasing, are driving tremendous growth in marketplace sales.

Advantages of marketplaces at a glimpse:

  • Retailers can set up a storefront and launch it quickly in minutes with the least investment in resources and time.

  • Marketplaces are easy to use. You do not require technical expertise and resources for marketing. Moreover, you do not worry about server maintenance. Marketplaces will do it all for you.

  • Retailers will be a part of the large ecosystem where they will sell and can build their brand recognition. Even brand-new companies can get brand credibility through marketplaces in less time.

  • Retailers will benefit from seamless payments, advertisements, distribution, and delivery.

  • Retailers can have access to a large customer base. 

  • Brand familiarity is an add-on. Retailers can associate with other businesses that have the same customer base and make people recognize them without spending huge amounts.
  • As the pandemic made every business move online, it has saved time, money, resources, and efforts for grocery retailers. Now, they can focus more on their core business.
What should we look at to find the right marketplace?

There are numerous marketplaces out there offering various options and different terms and conditions. Choose the best one that fits your needs and budget. Because every business is unique in terms of size and product range. The needs and product range will vary from small Kirana stores to supermarkets to Megamarts. 

We recommend you to opt for Qwipo as it is one-size-fits-all. 

  • It is a reliable and trusted wholesale grocery supplier. Unlike some suppliers who charge hidden costs, provide low-quality groceries, and fraudulent payment options, Qwipo strictly adheres to transparency in all it does concerning trust, quality, price, payments, and delivery. 

  • It offers vendors and retailers a vast range of catalogue to choose from spanning both groceries and FMCG segments.

  • It has structured prime suppliers and vendors and manufacturers with it. It has onboarded vendors from all over Hyderabad and neighboring districts covering Telangana and Andra Pradesh. All far-away wholesalers will be available under a single roof so that the Kirana store owners can buy groceries from anyone they like. You can deliver your customers what they ask for with assured quality and no time lags in deliveries.

  • It accepts digital payments. 

  • To avoid fraudulence in payments, Qwipo has rolled out a new feature ‘Escrow payments’. Customers can rest assured of their money. Because Qwipo holds the payments until the customer confirms the quality of the groceries received. This is how it maintains reliability through the supply chain from quality groceries procurement to payment processing to doorstep delivery. 

  • It has its logistics. They do not rely on third-party logistics providers. The route planner picks the best route possible so that they can travel in the most optimal routes based on the destination locations and minimize the distance to be travelled. Thus, it saves fuel, avoids CFC emissions, and helps to protect the environment. 

  • In the Qwipo marketplace, each vendor account has an account manager who addresses the problems of vendors Issues raised by the concerned parties are addressed immediately. Thus, Qwipo improves its customer and business ratio. 

  • The availability of analytics is what sets Qwipo apart from the competition. Customers' inflow and shopping behaviour, as well as traffic, can be tracked by business merchants and prime vendors, who can generate reports to get insights into their business operations. It encourages them to make quick, strategic decisions.

  • No exchange but it has a good and flexible return policy. They will return/refund if customers are unhappy with the received products. 

  • Qwipo offers the same day and doorstep delivery.

  • 24/7 customer support. Retailers and customers can reach out to them round the clock for any queries and support. 

The concept of grocery marketplaces is ideal for the current dynamics. That is why marketplaces have become a new normal for grocery selling and buying and they have seen ample growth in recent years. So, do not wait to join the top market players of the online grocery business to reap profits!.