What Do Your Customers Really Think About Your Marketplace For Grocery Retailers?

Marketplaces are an ideal option for prime vendors and business retailers of groceries. Customers will be attracted to any marketplace

  • When they (marketplace owners) think from the customers' shoes, identify unnoticed pain points and address them. 

  • When their services are streamlined and seamless.
  • When they hear customers' opinions.
  • when they are reachable if their customer got any queries or issues.
  • When they keep up with the ever-changing demands and the latest technology trends. 

We are at the forefront in providing the above. We, Qwipo, being the best wholesale grocery supplier in Hyderabad, had sufficient experience in the grocery field and launched a marketplace, the scaffold between prime vendors and business retailers. 

We provide what all other grocery marketplaces lag. In our marketplace, we had dedicated account managers for each vendor to assist them in every way. This is what makes Qwipo set apart from other leading grocery marketplaces. 

These are a few customer testimonials on what our customers really think about our Marketplace for Grocery Retailers. 

Every testimony tells a story. It inspires!. It motivates!.

Read on. 

1)  Mr.  Naveen Kumar, Owner, Bharath KGS

As a Kirana store owner,  I don’t get much time to spend with my family as I was always investing my time in follow-up calls with multiple vendors as I have to procure multiple SKUs for my shop. When I was introduced to an App called QWIPO which could essentially cover all my business essentials spanning from groceries to FMCG products, I did not believe that this could work. I mean procuring and maintaining your inventory from an app but it did. Initially, I started ordering a few products, the quality of them was good, delivery was prompt, and was on my doorstep.Without even realizing I became a loyal customer of QWIPO owing to its fine supply of my business needs at optimum market price, doorstep delivery, and vast catalogue of products to choose from. I can assure you that having QWIPO App has changed my life for good as I order everything my shop needs from this which saves a lot of time for me to focus on my business and family. Thank You, QWIPO!

2)  Mr. Venkateshwara Rao, Owner, Sree Sree Tirumala Traders 

As they say “A picture is worth a thousand words”, this is a classic example of that. Mr. Venkateshwara Rao who owns Sree Sree Tirumala Traders is one of our happy customers. It was during the last year at the time of the pandemic he discovered our Qwipo App which changed his life forever. After he transcended to Qwipo to procure his business essentials which saved him from the misery of commuting to markets, he has enough time in his hands to focus on his business and customers.

Overall this is what Mr. Venkateshwara Rao has to say ‘QWIPO has been my knight in shining armour during the testing times of Covid and lockdown, they helped me to stay safe yet do my business without any hurdles. Thank you, Qwipo for being my true hero during these testing times.

3)  Mr.  Naresh, Owner, MVR Kirana, and General

Mr. Naresh who owns MVR Kirana and General says “procurement seemed like a mystery during the first lockdown that was imposed countrywide in 2020, that was when I got to know about QWIPO App. Because of QWIPO, I could serve my customers without any hiccups since then. Thank You QWIPO!”

Naresh is one of the thousands of happy customers vouching for hassle-free business processes that one can adopt if they have the QWIPO App in their hands.

QWIPO - Delivering your business essentials to your doorstep!

4)  Mr. Vishnu, Owner, Vishudutta Sri Traders 

I am a staunch believer in old-school methods, be it in business or anything else. So, when I was introduced to QWIPO App I could not believe that things could work this way. I was doubtful if a single App from a phone can fulfill my shop’s inventory needs. Yet after much persuasion from the business advisor from QWIPO, I shifted my gears to this new age App.

Initially, everything was running smoothly but I was always vigilant expecting hiccups, but QWIPO has never given me a chance to complain. Everything gets delivered to my doorstep and the quality of the supplies is excellent. Moreover, I have the option of reaching out to multiple vendors for a single product thus getting the benefit of purchasing the business essentials at the best market price. Security of transactions is one thing that has motivated me to rely on QWIPO App.

5)  Mr.  Damodar Goud, Owner, Manikanta Kirana General Stores

Time is precious!. I believe if invested in the right way we can reap its benefits in due course. Being a Kirana shop owner, time is everything to me. Attending customers, maintaining inventory, making sure that the customers get what they want. To keep my customers happy, I would travel to various markets to get quality business supplies. I want nothing but the best for my customers. However, this is a monotonous task and requires a lot of time and effort. When looking for options to save my time and effort in traveling, I found the QWIPO b2b grocery app.

I order business essentials daily and I get to purchase from multiple vendors beyond any geographical barriers thus I need not compromise either on quality or on variety. The most important thing is that it saves a lot of time which I can productively invest in developing my business.

6)  Mr.  Jitender, Owner, Sri Bajrang Kirana and General

 “I understand the pros and cons of leveraging a technology platform in a business. Since QWIPO is a well-trusted Marketplace, I find it convenient to order my business essentials from them. Once the products are delivered, we can return the items that we are unhappy with. Their 24/7 customer service is an added asset, as they can swiftly address even the smallest of the queries and help me to run my business smoothly. There may be many apps out there, but when it comes to me QWIPO is the only one if you are looking for a trustworthy and reliable platform. 

7)  Mr.  Rama Raja Sekhar Manchala, Owner, MGR Groceries 

Mr. Rama Raja Sekhar Manchala says that “I am very happy and grateful for having found QWIPO App, at first I was not sure if I should be using this App or not. But their prompt doorstep delivery and trustworthy payment system had me opt for this App. It saves me a lot of time and effort and gives me ample time to focus on business development. I recommend the QWIPO App because it is trustworthy and dependable. Thank you QWIPO for making things easier for me.”


Make your services customer-centric rather than ROI-centric. Then, you will have great testimonials that inspire you to do even more. Our marketplace has changed the lives of many businesses.

Want to become one of them or grow your grocery sales?

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