Why buy groceries from B2B wholesale suppliers

Want to grow your customer base in the wholesale grocery business? Then change the way you buy and sell groceries.

Customers expect a seamless experience. To attract and retain customers, as a business retailer or food entrepreneur, you must have adequate knowledge about the market and experience in this field. Moreover, you should have all the varieties of groceries at your store.

Many retailers purchase groceries from multiple vendors because all vendors may not have all types of groceries. Hiring multiple vendors adds costs and consumes your valuable time as well.

To avoid all these, opting for B2B wholesale suppliers will be the right decision.

Why buy Groceries from B2B wholesale suppliers?

Here are some valid reasons why to buy groceries from B2B wholesale suppliers.

1) B2B suppliers offer the best of both worlds – the right market price for the prime suppliers and affordable prices for business clients.

2) Wholesalers resolve all the finance and stocking problems of retailers and food entrepreneurs.

3) No waiting time. Wholesalers deliver the goods promptly.

4) Wholesalers deliver the best value to goods.

5) Retailers can get information related to new products and the online wholesale grocery market.

6) B2B wholesalers supply groceries in small or bulk at affordable prices i.e. the right market prices.

7) Retailers can contact wholesale suppliers at any time.

How to buy wholesale grocery items?

Here are some questions you have to ask yourself before you choose and commit to one of the best grocery suppliers in India.

  • Are the daily essentials directly procured from prime suppliers/vendors or is there any involvement of intermediaries?. Because of middlemen, the end customer may be charged high for the groceries.

  • Get the brochure of the items they have and compare it with the list of groceries you require. If they supply all the daily essentials you need, you can go with the supplier. Otherwise, ask the supplier whether they can supply the groceries that are not on their list but you want. If they say yes, then you can go ahead.

  • Check the quality before you receive the orders. Also, check their return or replacement policies.

  • Check whether they provide seamless payment gateways (CODs and digital payments) and transactions or not.

  • Check whether they offer the same-day, timely, and free delivery or not.

  • Ensure safe and hygienic conditions throughout the supply chain as we are in the times of the severe COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Are they experienced in the field of wholesale grocery supply?

  • Check testimonies and ask the existing clients about their services.

  • Are they available all-around (24*7*365) and responsive on time?

Choose the right supplier before you commit. Opt Qwipo, one of the best wholesale grocery suppliers in Hyderabad.

Why choose Qwipo?

1) You do not require to tie up with multiple vendors for various types of groceries. It is a one-stop-shop for a wide range of grocery products from Staples like Rice & Pulses, Lentils, and FMCG (Fast-moving consumer goods) products.

It supplies groceries to all businesses such as Hotels, Restaurants, Cafes, Kirana stores, Hospitals, Hostels, Wholesale retailers, and other government & private organizations.

2) All the groceries are nutritious at Qwipo. Because, unlike other grocery suppliers for Kirana stores, Qwipo holds no storage and uses no chemicals to keep them fresh and fine.

3) They take care of every possible precaution to maintain the quality of groceries.

4) They offer the same-day and timely delivery of any requirement either small or bulk.

5) Being the best grocery wholesale distributors in Hyderabad, Qwipo offers free delivery.

6) It has a good return and replacement policy for the damaged groceries.

7) No need for follow-up calls! You can track orders from Qwipo's intuitive and user-friendly mobile app.

To sum up, ensure the supplier you choose must meet all the qualities as mentioned above. And have a seamless buying experience throughout the process- placing orders, making payments, quality checking, return/replacement of goods, and receiving orders.


Think smart on how to buy wholesale grocery items for your business. Because if you want to go long term, you need to compete with big giants and emerging competition while maintaining reliability and quality in all the services you offer.

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