Designation: Lead Developer

Open Positions: 1

Department: Development (Technical)

Location: Hyderabad (WFH Option)

Years of experience: 7 to 8 Years

Job Description and Skills Required

  • Must have experience on 8 yrs Angular, Angular Material, Bootstrap 3 /4, NgRX, Typescript.
  • Must have experience on Server-Side Technologies - Dotnet Core, Asp.Net Core.
  • Must have either google cloud or azure or amazon cloud experience.
  • Must have Mobile Application Development Experience Hybrid or native - Nice to have Nativescript experience.
  • Strong experience of Angular Fr
  • One or more of unit testing like Jasmine, Karma, Protramework, HTML5/CSS3, Dotnet Core, Asp.Net Core, and collateral, Selenium
    Coding Standards.
  • HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery and Sass/LESS/etc
  • Ability to work on Angular component level and Angular Libraries.
  • Dependency Management, package managers, etc
  • Build Systems, Webpack/Gulp/etc.
  • Linting, Compiling, Minifying, etc
  • Performance Optimization for CSS, JS, images, asset caching.
  • Organizing and building UI modules, working closely with visually-focused designers/CSS developers.
  • Experience with Agile methodology and CI/CD pipeline - Build/Release, Infrastructure as Code, Dev/Test/Prod Setups.
  • Must have 5 yrs experience in Team Management.
  • Must demonstrate -
  •  Build/Release Pipelines for Dev/Test/Prod => Containerization and enable Professional Pipeline.
  • Architect/Design - Twitter-based applications.